Concession Services (Municipal Water Systems)

N-THREE’s founders pioneered the concept of build-own-operate, build-operate transfer and full concession business model in the Indonesian water sectors.

N-THREE provides and deliver the water to the local municipal water companies (PDAM), which in return distribute the water to their clients including domestic, commercial and industrial clients in their territory.

 N-THREE provides a full service solution for all type of water supply  from developing the aims and goals of the water projects from the initial concept up to the operation stage including engineering, financing, construction, commissioning.

N-THREE has completed the construction of a BOT water project phase 1 in West Java with capacity  of 8100 m3/d and expected to complete phase 2 by the end 2020. Once phase 2 is completed the total capacity  of the water system will be is  20,000 m3/day or 7,200,000 m3 /year.

N-THREE currently developing other water BOT projects in Java, Sumatra and expects  to bring them on line in the next two to three years, Additionally  N-THREE is in active negotiation to acquire existing BOT water projects from other water company developers.

N-THREE’s first BOT agreement was signed with West Bandung ‘s state owned water company in 2015  for 25 years to develop the water supply for  Padalarang and the surrounding areas.  Phase 1 of the project has been fully operational since 2017, and Currently phase 2 is under development and expected to be online by the end of 2020.

Agreement was signed
with BUMD West Bandung
to invest and supply water
to the surrounding area
based on BOT for 25 years

First Concession Scheme

Project Management

N-THREE experience in the project management has embedded in the value of full ownership, personal responsibility and dedication to on-time completion. When operating its plants, the team believes in cost effective operations by reducing down time and efficiently utilizing consumables and parts.

Project Operation and maintenance

N-THREE carefully planned preventive maintenance programs keep the water supply running trouble free and at peak efficiency. N-THREE‘s trained staff are experience to operate any water treatment plants and maintain the plant and the equipment regardless of the size and the technology being used.

Technologically Innovative Waste Water Processing & Recycling

The N-THREE water and recycling waste water system is suitable across the full range water users from residential properties to malls, hotels, hospitals, high rise buildings and industrial sites. The system is highly engineered and elegantly designed for safety and reliability so that the quality of reclaimed water is more predictable and constant that which can be obtained from most existing surface and ground water sources. N-THREE Water and Wastewater recycled system Features

  • Modular design offering flexibility and expendability of unit
  • Small footprint and able to be built under or above ground
  • Trash tolerant
  • Convenient efficient cleaning and easy to maintain
  • Comply with high International Standards
  • N-THREE sterilization system ensures water is safe to store and odorless even if not used daily.

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