Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are pleased to introduce N-THREE. Recognizing the common importance of water and its role in Nature, Nutrition & Nurturing the founders decided to name their new water company N-THREE. Reusing and recycling used water utilizing is a key part of reducing the pressure on our water resources and adapting to climate change and population growth.

N-THREE is a provider, developer and operator for water, waste water, recycling treatment plants and desalination.

N-THREE is committed to providing quality products, most advanced, reliable and updated technology available in the most market, first class service and strong local support to its clients. N-THREE will service and operate in these business lines

  • Private Water Projects: The Provision of Water to Private Industrial and Commercial Clients.
  • Public Private Water Projects. The construction and operation of Water Concession in cooperation with Local regional and National Government
  • Water Related EPC Contracting

N-THREE recognizes the importance of Water to the social economic welfare of society and is committed to work in Partnership with all stakeholders in the water industry. With its Founders having more than 50 year’s experience in Indonesia and the Water Industry N-THREE is constantly looking for new strategic partnerships and joint venture opportunities to maximise its input into this critical sector.

We hope with the above that we highlighted our capabilities and areas of interest and we look forward to working together with you.

Thank you for your kind attention.

We remain,
Yours faithfully,

Nabil Wareeth
CEO/ Founder

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